Welcome to Finchley Methodist Church

  Thank you for finding your way to us! Here on our website you can find out all you need to know about us. But most important of all, you can get a flavour of the warm welcome you will receive when you step into our Church on a Sunday morning.

As you approach us, you have already spotted our spire on Ballards Lane, London N3. We still look like a Church, with tower and spire, but through the modern glass doors you can see that we are people of all ages and from many parts of the world.


Living Water



This summer we were able to take some holiday, for the first time since 2019. Our short break happened while the temperatures in London hit record levels and wildfires burned to the east of the city. We noticed the effects on our garden, and especially on some plants that we’d been looking after through the summer. A few days without water left them looking very sad!

Whether we love hot weather, or struggle with it, we all go through experiences in life which leave us scorched and wilting – anxieties about our health, or our loved ones, pressures at work, financial problems, bereavements, and so much more. Sometimes it takes all our energy, courage and determination just to keep going.

In the Bible Jesus meets a woman who comes to fetch water at the hottest time of the day. It’s clear that she has been rejected by her community, and their conversation reveals personal needs and spiritual thirst. Jesus promises the woman living water – connection to the life and love of God, for now and for always. The same promise is available to everyone who looks to Jesus for hope and meaning in life. Jesus doesn’t promise an easy life, but he does promise help and strength which never dries up.

Martin Wellings.



  Those of us here today are a group of ordinary Christians from various church backgrounds doing our best to serve God and make our faith real. Central to all we are about is worship and in a variety of ways we seek to offer our best in praise to God. As a fellowship we are a cross section of the community, but the love of Jesus unites us together, and we seek to learn more of that love through our home Bible study activities and our social activities.  

Church is for All

  Church is not just for members, it is set in a community, and so we do our best to share our story of faith, witness and serve this area in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Finchley Methodist Church has blurred edges where people should feel welcome to come and explore the Christian faith.  

Our Vision is to be a Christian community of:


‘Sharing the Good News of Jesus’





Within the local church, including regular sharing in Holy Communion, And through personal prayer

By being a good neighbour in the community, challenging injustice and using my resources to support the Church in its mission in the world




Through Bible study and meeting for fellowship, so that I may grow in faith and support others in their discipleship

Through working out my faith in daily life and sharing Christ with others

  As you can see it is quite challenging but reminds us that the Christian faith is about the whole of life. Please feel welcome anytime to come to a service or any of the other activities at Finchley Methodist Church.